Our Story on Exercise and Chemotherapy

The Kaden Centre for specialised exercise during chemotherapy came to fruition after Suzanne Clark Pitrolo, now Managing Director of the facility, went through the stages of cancer treatment.

Wanting to keep up her fitness levels to assist with treatment tolerance and recovery, Sue struggled to find a facility that could help with the specific and considered exercise program and support she needed.

“At a time when it felt like there were so many things out of my control, I believed exercise and diet were the two areas I could control to increase the chances of a positive outcome in my recovery”.

The research and evidence on the beneficial effects of exercise for cancer is significant. Exercise has been shown to increase the chance of survival and decrease the chance of recurrence by up to 50%. The research also shows that targeted, individualised exercise programmes are safe, before, during and after treatments.

“The reality of establishing my exercise regime was a little more difficult. The specialists and medical research were telling me the benefits and need for exercise, yet I could not find a facility offering information, programs and support to practice the exercise recommendations. Attending local gyms and designing my own practice consistently lead to injuries.”

“With the encouragement and assistance of family, I have filled that gap and opened the Kaden Centre. Our staff are qualified in the areas of cancer and chronic disease exercise and design and supervise the individualised programs.”

The Kaden Centre is passionate about enabling patients of chronic disease and their carers to continue moving throughout diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.