Kaden’s Home Exercise Programs for Cancer Patients

Exercise programs designed specifically for those with, or recovering, from cancer or chronic disease.

What is it?

The Telehealth Exercise programs for cancer patients designed by the Kaden Centre are personalised, targeted exercise programs designed by allied health professionals – physiotherapists and exercise physiologists – grounded in medical research.

Who’s it for?

The exercise programs are designed specifically for those with, or recovering, from cancer or chronic disease. The affordable and flexible model is perfect for clients at any stage of their conditions.

Backed By Medical Research

Regular exercise after cancer diagnosis will increase survival rates by 30-60%, with the strongest effects for breast, colorectal and prostate cancers.

Emerging evidence highlights that regular exercise before, during and/or following cancer treatment decreases other adverse side effects and is associated with reduced risk of developing new cancers and comorbid conditions. To maximise safety and therapeutic effect, exercise should be prescribed and delivered under the direction of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist with a focus on transitioning to ongoing self-managed exercise

How it works

  • 1. Get a Doctors Referral

    Your referring doctor can send the referral directly to info@kadencentre.org.au or fax it to 02 4006 3032

  • 2. Get in touch, tell us about yourself.

    Fill out the form below, or give us a call directly. Chat with one of our team members and get the ball rolling.

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    3. We organise a consultation.

    Let us know a time that suits you and we do the rest. With a simple Zoom meeting we will discuss your current needs and how we can best help you with a physical assessment. We understand technology challenges and work with you to communicate in a way that suits you. We make it simple.
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    4. We prepare your program.

    The clinician will then prepare your home exercise program and it’s emailed straight to you.
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    5. We stay in touch to aid your progress.

    We contact you within 2 days to discuss the program further, answer any questions you may have and ensure you are on the right path. Then once each week for the next 4 weeks to keep your progress on track. You may also contact your clinician, at anytime if you need help.


$95 for a face to face initial assessment (1 hour)
$85 for a telehealth consult (30-45 minutes)

Then $63.80 per calendar month for a home program.

Includes weekly follow up calls to answer any questions and keep you motivated. You may contact your clinician at any time if you need help.


Bend and straighten the knee

Clients Aim:
To strengthen the muscles at the front of your thigh and to stretch or maintain range in your knee.

Clients Instructions:
Position yourself sitting with your knees bent. Practice straightening your knee as much as possible and hold for 3 seconds, then bending your knee.

Progressions and variations:
Try wearing a heavy shoe or boot hold the knee out straight for 5 seconds.

2 – 3 x 10 – 15 each leg


Trusted By Hundreds Of Clients.

The Kaden Centre is a charitable organisation that provides personalised, targeted exercise programs to people going through any phase or stage of cancer treatment or who have chronic diseases. All programs are prescribed by the Kaden Centre Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. Everything the centre does is grounded in medical evidence and research.

The Centre is now offering ‘Kaden at home exercise programs’. Initial consultations are done via Telehealth or over the phone and appropriate exercise programs are designed with equipment the patients have access to or have at home. Multiple programs have been designed where patients have had no equipment.

Loved by people just like you.

I would like to thank you for suggesting, creating and sending out my home exercise programme.

The format is great. The illustrations and instructions are clear, concise and easily followed. The exercises are specific to my needs and ability and at the same time still challenging. I know that any concerns I may have can be talked about during the weekly telephone follow up. Just like we do at the gym!

I do not have any exercise equipment at home, so this programme plus walking should keep the effects of the muffins at bay!

– Kris

I loved the fact that the home program was designed and tailored to me. It took into account my medical history, my fitness level and even the fitness equipment I had at home. Once I started, I found it challenging and achievable, building my fitness at a steady and enjoyable pace.

– Sheryl

Jumpstart Your Program.

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