Open Day Success

The Kaden Centre had their first open day on August 7th with enormous success and attendance.  The day was well received by all.  A steady flow of interested visitors attended throughout the afternoon to discover more about how the Kaden Centre works and how it could assist in their own cancer or chronic disease journey.

Guests had the opportunity to tour the centre and preview the future developments. Managing Director Sue Clark Pitrolo, commenced the day with a warm welcome that lead informative talks from Dietician Rebecca Haslam, Physiotherapist Loukas Nadiotis and Exercise Physiologist Liana Burrows.

The environment was social and inviting, with new visitors having the chance to chat with existing clients about their experiences within the centre. It also provided guests with the chance to share their cancer and chronic disease stories, amongst people in a similar situation and mingle in a casual and comfortable setting.

The Kaden Centre is excited to have new clients as part of their family, and looks forward to offering a positive impactful contribution to their unique journeys.